From our Engineering Department

Valve technology
  • Design and manufacture of new valves with the lowest possible flow loss and maximal lifetime according to customer requirements
  • Adaption of lift and spring systems, preparation of documentation for assembling instructions
  • Fast preparation of necessary drawings for delivery of the valves
  • Calculation of existing valves according to the existing operating conditions of the compressor; optimization of lift and spring system
  • Simple retrofitting of valves with metallic plates to valves with plastic ones, without modifying the existing parts. A patented guiding system in connection with special plastic valve plates allows retrofits in the shortest time. The retrofit can also be carried out by the customer.
Manufacture of valve plates
  • Manufacturing of metal or plastic valve plates
  • Stress-relieved manufacturing of metal valve plates resulting in a significantly increased lifetime
  • Application of a special high temperature plastic for plastic plates, allowing operating temperatures up to 250°C
  • Thanks to a high fiberglass content, stability is better at 250°C, than with the normally used PEEK plates
Retrofitting of valves with metallic valve plates to plastic ones
  • Simple retrofitting of all valves with metallic plates to plastic plates by means of a newly patented guidance of the plastic valve plate
  • No need to recondition existing valves
  • Wear and tear on plates is considerably reduced through this special form of guidance, therefore also usable on non-lubricated compressors
Manufacture of valve springs
  • Short-term manufacturing on our CNC winder of all requested forms and sizes of valve springs made of various wire materials
  • Increased fatigue strength through dynamic setting of springs
Complete valves
  • Design and manufacture of complete valves according to customer requirements
  • Valve construction with minimal losses and maximal lifetime
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